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Consider the forces we have ordered to meet customized needs

 670,000 square feet per month manufacturing capacity 2 through 16 layers

 0.002 inner layer thickness

 0.003 thickness tolerance

 0.002 drilling hole location

 0.004 to 0.025 drilling sizes

 0.003 minimum line width and minimum line spacing for Image Transfer

 0.005 outside dimension tolerance

 Gold Flash, Gold Plating, and Tamura WPF-21 Lead-Free  finish processes


 CNC Drilling Machine

 CNC Router

 Automatic Laminator

 Auto Exposure System

 Etching System

 Black Oxide Process

 Desmear Process

 PTH Process

 Pattern Plating

 Pattern Plating 

 Hot Air Leveling

 CAM System


 Universal Tester

 Cross Section Equipment


 Thermal Recorder


 Current Test

 A.A. Spectrophotometer

 Electrical Balance

 High Voltage Test

Quality Assurance

 UL Approval

 ISO9002 Approval (TWN)

 QS 9000 Approval (TWN)

 ISO 14000 Approval (TWN)

 TL 9000 Approval (TWN & CN)

 TS 16949 Approval (TWN& CN)

 ISO 9001 2000 Approval (CN)

 ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Approval (CN)

 Order Entry

 Document Control

 Procurement Control

 Incoming Material Control


 Manufacturing Control

 Inspection Control

 Test Control


 Statistical Sampling

 Non-Conforming Materials

 Corrective Action

 Discrepancy Reporting

 Internal Audit System

 Statistical Process Control





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